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Hello, My Name is Maor!

a Full stack web developer, experienced in client and server side technologies. I’m thorough, creative and curious with fast learning and application capabilities. Passion for technology and constant exploration.

Over the years I have learned and engaged in a wide variety of fields such as cinema, advertising, graphics and hologram projection, all of which have contributed greatly to my experience and creativity of the development process.

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Skills & Expertise

Client side | Server side | Mobile-First, Responsive Design | Cross Browser Testing & Debugging | Cross Functional Teams


Client side: HTML5 , CSS3, Sass, css-BEM, css Animation, Bootstrap, JS OOP, React, Jquery, ES6.
Server side: PHP, Laravel frame work , Ajax, jason, API and Web services.
Databases: MySQL, NoSql – MongoDB, Real time database- FireBase.
Wordpress: Developing templates and plugins from scratch, working with ACF and WooCommece.


Additionlal Knowledge

Over the years I have been fortunate to study and engage in a wide variety of fields.

Angular, Python, NodeJS, Photoshop, Pixel Perfect, Office, AfterFX, UX/UI

Advertising and creative
Internet Marketing
Holographic projections
Video Editing

My Resume

Highly experienced in a variety of fields, thorough, creative, with fast learning and implementation capabilities.

2019 - NOW

Senior Full stack Web Developer

  • Developing custom Ecommerce sites from sratch and implementation over Wordpress CMS system.
  • Developing plugins and themes for WP and woocommerce.
  • QA, troubleshooting and task management through Asana software.
  • Work with designs at Invision & Zeplin at Pixel perfect level.

2018 - 2019

Working with software companies, global companies and private clients.

  • Design and development of web apps and sites.
  • Maintenance services - development, debugging, system management & QA.
  • Pixel Perfect services for leading design agencies.
  • Developing custom sites from sratch and implementation over Wordpress CMS system.
  • Developing Wordpress sites

My Education

Front and back side, Specializing in PHP server side and working with MVC architecture by Laravel frame work. 566 academic hours.

Graduate of the Advertising Department, specializing in copywriting and marketing.

specialization in movement composition and After Effects.

Studies in the Cinema Department and Visual Arts. Specialization in directing, cinematography and video editing.

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